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Forfatter: Nicholas Lee Designs, LLC
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WackyCam lets you take hilarious pictures of yourself and your friends using over 20 built-in, realtime effects! If you have ever used Apples Photo Booth application, WackyCam allows you to take the fun with you, wherever you go!

• Unlike any other photography application, WackyCam allows you to create your own custom effects, mixing and matching up to 6 filters to create personalized presets. The effects you make can be previewed in real time and saved for later use.

• Built-in uploading to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr enables you to effortlessly share your photos with friends and family. Also included are the capabilities to attach photos in emails and copy them to the clipboard.

• Supports iPhone 4s front and rear cameras.

Effects Include:

☆ Outline Edge Detection
☆ Histogram Equalization
☆ Alien
☆ Sepia
☆ Red Filter
☆ Blue Filter
☆ Green Filter
☆ Night Vision
☆ Vertical Mirror
☆ Horizontal Mirror
☆ Thermal Camera
☆ ASCII Text Art
☆ X-Ray
☆ Andy Warhol Pop Art
☆ 2 Pinch Effects
☆ Twirl
☆ Light Tunnel
☆ 2 Bulge Effects
☆ Square
☆ 2 Custom Effect Presets

You can also combine these filters to make custom effects:

✪ Red Filter
✪ Blue Filter
✪ Green Filter
✪ Sepia
✪ Greyscale
✪ Vertical Mirror
✪ Horizontal Mirror
✪ Pinch
✪ Twirl
✪ Tunnel
✪ Bulge
✪ Square

NOTE: This application is only compatible with iPhone 4.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please direct them to developer@nicholasleedesigns.com. We look forward to hearing from you.